More Swamp Buggy's
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Widden Widden Buggie at Big Cypress National Preserve Headquarters Low Impact use of the Big Cypress Preserve
Whidden on a Prairie
(The Fed's don't like that any more)
Whidden Buggy At Inspection Parked at BCNP Headquarters Charlie's Bronco and an ATV On the edge of Lost Dog Prairie, Country the average American will never see!
Yesterdays Wine - David Whidden James Whidden on a big red Simon Hogan's buggy
David E Whidden on his "Yesterday's Wine" buggy. 1952 flat head jeep motor (at the time two jeep t-90 transmissions) "T"case  18.4 16.1 firestone tractor tread tires. James Whidden on a big red ATC. The ATC,s usually ride to the side of the main buggy trails. Otherwise they have to hold their breath and swim in the wet season.
Simon Hogan's buggy with Ellis and Simon in front of it. Simon is on the right. The year is 1975.
Parked a few miles out Monument Road Jack Moller at Camp Red Bug grey ghost
 Robert's buggy is based on 1970 F-250 running gear, 500 Cadillac motor with a automatic turbo 400 tranny & Dana 60 rear end 1947 Jeep buggy
Jack Moller
Model A buggy with L-Drive built in 1952 Grey Ghost
Cody  Jack  Rick
Swamp Mud Buggy    
Old Faithful
with Mason waiting to grow into it
ATV- Everglades Transportation
Stephen, Madelyn & Mason
Swamp Mud
Ozzie's Buggy from Hog Breath Camp
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