Swamp Buggy's
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Mudding Maserati with Hoss and GrantMUDDING MASERATI
Driven by Grant with Hoss as the passenger
1940's CJ-2
built in 1997

Muckin Limousine - Parked at front gate of Six PackMUCKIN LIMOUSINE
Parked at front gate of Six Pack
1980 CJ-5
built in 1994

Muckin Mercedes - Six Pack - Big Cypress PreserveMUCKIN MERCEDES
Heading out for an afternoon hunt
Dom, Tony, Tom and Grant (left to right, front to back)
1940's CJ-2
built in 1974

Old Smokie - Six Pack - Big Cypress PreserveOLD SMOKIE
Heading to Camp Six Pack
Tom, Grant and Hoss
1940's CJ-2
built in 1975
(yes, that's the younger version of Grant)
Old Smokie was resurrected as the Mudding Maserati

Bob on ATC - Six Pack - Big Cypress PreserveATC
Bob heading to Camp Six Pack
Honda ATC 110

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