What the Hell is that, Deep in the Sugar Mill

Now if you have read some of the stories on my web site, you have seen stories about the legend of the Skunk Ape. None of these stories claim to have seen the creature, even though the Big Cypress Swamp is an area that many sighting have been reported. I personally like to think the creature does not exist. I can't imagine the sleepless nights I would spend at camp, if it were proven there is such a creature in the swamp.

I am in the process of gathering information on the Sugar Mill, a hardwood hammock located deep in the Big Cypress Swamp. When you go into the hammock, the air is heavy with a woodsy smell. Its a earthy smell, that takes you back to primitive times. At times, when I have gone into this hammock, I have smelled the smell of death or an odor very close to it. Always putting this odor off in my mind, as being caused by the natural death of some animal, that is not visible in the thickness of the shadowy low light jungle, I have always ignored it.

In October, I went into this hammock and took some pictures. One of the features of my camera allows me to join the pictures into a panorama view. Well, I did that along with brightening up the pictures from shadowy low light, to some thing brighter that allows the jungle to be seen. This virtual reality 360 degree picture can be viewed with a "QuickTime plug-in" in your browser. Anyhow, I saw something in the very fringes of the view, way back to the point you only see it if you zoom way in to the picture. I dismissed this as some freak situation of vegetation and shadowy lighting. That is until I saw the following.

I came across a picture that was shown in the Florida West coast newspapers. A person sent this picture, to the Sarasota County Sheriff Department, which was called the "Myakka Skunk Ape". Now when I saw this picture, it clicked, is that what I saw in my picture? I'm still not sure, so I am asking your opinion. Look at the "Myakka Skunk Ape" and then my Virtual Reality 360 Degree Picture. The second picture most closely resembles what you see in my picture. You have to locate it in the 360 degree picture and then zoom in on it. It is not easy to find, but while you are looking you will also get a good look at the Sugar Mill. A hint, go to the right past the first clump of tree trunks, when you then get to the 1st cabbage palm trunk, its just to the left of the trunk, just above the ferns. Its in the distance and real small until you zoom in. Sorry but the Virtual Reality Picture is large and loads slowly over a dialup modem.

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Created Feburary 8th, 2003