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Big Cypress
National Preserve

Located in Ochopee, FL


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"Traditional Recreational Values" include but are not limited to: Hunting, Fishing, Off Road Vehicle use, Hiking, Camping, Bird watching, Photography and Enjoyment of the Big Cypress.
The Endangered Outdoorsmen will Never be swallowed up by National Park Service with out a Fight
The Heron is protected, "It's Time to protect the Endangered Sportsmen!"
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The 729,000 acre Big Cypress National Preserve was set aside in 1974 to ensure the preservation, conservation, and protection of the natural scenic, floral and faunal, and traditional recreational values of the Big Cypress Watershed. The importance of this watershed to the Everglades National Park was a major consideration for its establishment. The name Big Cypress refers to the large size of this area. Vast expanses of cypress strands span this unique landscape.

National Preserve - October 11, 1974

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Hall of Shame-Poorly Prescribed Burns
Hall of Shame-Calusa Camp (see below)
Hall of Shame-Monroe Station
Letter to Florida Fish and Wildlife _____Conservation Commission

Good Job-Calusa Camp

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