Big Cypress Swamp's Traditional Use
Groups of Sportsmen and Sportswomen

Original Whidden Group from 1939

Original Stewart Group from 1975

Widden Group from 1939-Click for Larger Picture

 McWilliams, Ellis Whidden, Bill Sap, Jim Whidden

Group Picture from the First Trips

Bottom Lubey Yoemans, Bennett Whidden

Jon  Bob  Bruce  Tom & Tom

Younger Whidden Group

2001 Picture at Six Pack

Whidden Group in a Cypress Dome

Six Pack Group Picture November 2001

Lucky  Chris Randy  Charlie  James

     Dom  (top left)                                    (Nov 2001)
Richard Bob Rich Hoss Tony Steve, Steve

big 'Family' hunt 1996   Camp Red Bug

Leaving Camp Red Bug


At Camp Red Bug with the invisible Hog and Deer

Cody  Mandy  Debbie  Burny  Linda  Rick  Dennis

 Ed  Dennis  Debbie  Jack

On the trail to Drake's Airstrip - click for larger picture   Near Camp Calusa - click for larger picture
 Hoss  Ron  Rich  Camp Six Pack (March 2002)
Carl  Franklin  Jackie Camp Bears Den (bottom)
  Terry and John (March 2002)
Camp Bears Den
Sportsmen/Turkey Hunters at Bears Den-click for larger picture  
Ron   Hoss  John  Terry  Rich (left five)
Jackie  Franklin  Carl (next four)
Mar 2003 at Bears Den

        Jason       Matt      Jeff          Matt      Tom
        Josh                     Grayson    Lil Matt
                         April 2005 Kanawha Group

  Shangrala Group
Stephen  Mississippi
Madelyn  Garrett  Mason
Oct 2005 Slice of Heaven Group
  Alfred  Armando  Mauricio  Armando Jr.  Marcos
(left to right)
 November 2006 Shangrla Group
Swamp Buggy Man's Group
Jim  Andy    Jeff  Chad  Lucas  Al Jr.  Scott  Al Sr. (left to right)
Impromptu Gathering at Ronnies Pond
Josh, Jason, Jerron, John, Matt, Aaron, Larry, Nathan, Bob, Steve, Hoss (left to right)
Jan. 2010-Camps Kanawha, Hull, Big Pine and SixPack at an Impromptu Gathering
(Swamp Law: "you don't drive past a broken buggy with out helping")
Air Rescue Group at Wayne Session's Camp
Air Rescue Group visiting the Big Cypress Swamp (
Got an serious emergency, these guys will come get you by helicopter)
Family Vissit
Birch Robert Stephanie Alan Tom Steve Vance Hoss
Family Visit December 27th 2014

Ole Timers of the Big Cypress Swamp
Wayne     Bob         Jack        Ed         Hoss
Over 250 years experience in the Big Cypress Swamp

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