Hurricane Wilma
Monroe Station Damage

Monroe Station looking Southwest

Monroe Station looking Southeast

Randy Widden, former customer when young boy

Inside, Eating Area, remember the business cards?

Inside, Counter area, Looking North

To Former Customers, This is probably the end of Monroe Station, as you remember it. It is in the National Register and the NPS has been given a Grant of $495,000, to restore it. (Subject to the Legislature actually funding it). The NPS is planning to remove parts that are not historic and Wilma helped them start. If you want one last look, I would visit it soon. (It is Not Safe to go Inside.)

Monroe Station looking South

Monroe Station East end of Building (Pool Room)

Inside, Pool Room to left, Eating area on right

Inside, Kitchen and Counter Area, looking West

Inside, Eating area with Pool Room to right, looking NE



Story by Steve       October 31, 2005
Revised November 30, 2005