Hurricane Wilma
Damage to Everglades Conservation & Sportsman Club

Club Entrance, Looking South

Looking West, between Club House and Caretaker House

East Buggy Stalls, looking South

East Buggy Stalls, looking Northeast

Cook Area, looking North from East Buggy

West end  of South Buggy Stalls, looking East

East Buggy Stalls, looking East

West End of South Buggy Stalls looking West

South Buggy Stalls, Middle looking South

Video (Quicktime, 4 megabyte files, very slow loading)
Club Grounds from Entrance Gate
Club House from Buggy Stalls
East Buggy Stalls
South Buggy Stalls

Work Shed, looking North

East Buggy Stalls, looking Southwest

East Buggy Stalls, South end, looking South

Club House, looking west

East Buggy Stalls, North end, looking South

Cook Building, from Work Shed, looking Northwest

East Buggy Stalls, looking Southeast

Club House, looking West

Storage (Corn) Building, looking East