Big Cypress Swamp - One Year in Pictures
One Spot in the Big Cypress Swamp - Many Visitors to the game camera

Fire Fighter
NPS Fire Fighter during Prescribed Burn
Deer, Checking out the Camera

Wild Turkey

Doe Deer became a Regular

Wild Turkey stretching

Bear with Scar on Back at Night - he adjusted the camera


Bear Returns at Night

Same Bear Daytime

Bear same Visit (Wants to know how to get up to the Feeder)

Proof he's a Boy

Just in case you didn't notice

Sniffing the Feeder. wow he is tall!
Still wants up there

Clean up for better Pictures, compare me to the bear for size

Fall Turkeys

I am big and fat and want that feeder

Flock of Turkeys

Look out Little Bear, there is a big boy in the area!

Even Florida Panthers want their turn with the camera

Big gang of Turkeys

Even Bears stop to smell the Roses.
A sample of hundreds of pictures taken at this spot. Steve - October 9, 2011