Game Camera in the Big Cypress Swamp

Within the Big Cypress National Preserve is private property and that allows the use of  game feeders. For over a couple of years, I have had a game feeder set up on camp Six Pack property. For the last months, I have had a game cam monitoring the visitors, which is activated by motion. I was surprised at the number of pictures taken in the short period of time, hundreds of pictures, so the ones shown below are a sampling of the pictures. Why so many pictures of the fox squirrel? Because it is a threatened species in the Big Cypress Swamp and is alive and well at camp SixPack. Its nice to see some Raccoons have survived the over population of Panthers and there are over a hundred turkey pictures, just a few shown. I will add more pictures if something interesting comes along.

Grey Squirrel  

Grey Squirrel with Fox Squirrel in back


Fox Squirrel with Turkey
  Fox Squirrel on Back

Fox Squirrel

5 Turkey Hens


Little Deer Camp has multiple owners-click for larger picture

Turkey Hens with Crow

Looking at you, Looking at me


Three young Raccoons


Turkey Hens


Two Raccoons

Whoa! Is that a bear coming?



Finally, caught a bear



Fog on the Camera Lens, wouldn't you know!



 He is back on another day. I'm guessing about 2 1/2 feet tall at his back rump. He just heard the camera click and is going over to give it a whack!


This is a picture after the bear gave the camera a whack, (its now leaning). He also took down the bird shield off the feeder, which was over 8 feet off the ground. Fortunately he didn't pull the feeder down. That's been done before!




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January 6, 2009